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Fresh grow kits from 

Fresh grow kits from


What you will get?

You will get many years experience from us. Because we love Magic Mushrooms growkits, we do them in best way. We prove that with every Cubensis Growkit order.

World Wide Shipping

We send our Mushrooms grow kits and spores, to the whole world and You can choose from many strain. You can choose fast or cheep shipping. You can always tracking your mushrooms spores package or mushrooms growkit package.

Secure Shopping

Our site is secured by ssl certificate and Our server is in Netherland. You can be sure that your data are safe. We don’t share your personal data to anybody and We can delete all your data after order if you want. We don’t tell anybody that you do microscopic research with our Mushrooms spores or Mushrooms Grow Kits. 

Secure Shipping

Our packages with spores and growkits, are very discret. We can stick label Shitake (edible strain), or Piopino label for safety. We send our Mushrooms Grow Kits and Mushroom Spores from Poland.

We Love Mushrooms

…and that’s why our mushrooms spores are very high quality and that’s why you should order from us. You don’t will be disapointed also when you fungi spores or Mushroom Growkit. 

“It’s very, very dangerous to lose contact with living nature.”

Albert Hofmann


What clients say about us


You can pay for our  Mushroom Grow Kits by:  Bank Wire, Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit Card.


Over 5000 realized orders! We sended thousands Mushrooms Growkits and  spore syringes. 


We are sell mushrooms spores and  mushroom growkits from ten years.


We adds gift to all bigger orders.

Facts About our Magic Mushroom Spores Shop

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