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Get Your Golden Teacher Grow Kit for Psilocybe Cubensis

When we talk about Psilocybe Cubensis, it is the most popular species of psychedelic mushrooms that contain psilocin and psilocybin and these compounds are the source of their psychoactive characteristics. They are easy to grow in different places and this is one of the important reasons for their popularity. They are also known as gold cap mushrooms, golden halos, cubes, boomers, etc.

Usually, different ways are used to grow mushrooms and you can find them both in the wild and grown indoors. However, you need proper equipment, the right knowledge to prepare mushroom substrates, sterilization, etc. Well, do not fret. You can now easily get a complete mushroom to grow kit that incorporates everything you require for this process and for growing from a spore syringe.


What are Cubensis Mushrooms?

It is a mushroom that contains two major components such as psilocybin and psilocin. They are commonly grown in different colors from red cinnamon-brown to golden-brown and blue/purple when bruised.

Cubensis fruits are best in a 100% moist atmosphere and they can grow in less than saturated air. They are also well-tolerant in humidity when a coating is used. Moreover, they are easy to find and cultivate.

It is a coprophilic fungus that often takes over the dung of cows and goats. You can locate them in mostly tropical and subtropical surroundings as they prefer humid grasslands.

When we talk about the characteristics of this mushroom species, the cap is .5 till 10 cm width, bell-shaped. The color will be from white, brown, and yellow, firm flesh. The body of this mushroom is usually 15 cm long, 0.4 till 1-5 cm thick, dry, white, yellow, or brown.

Most individuals cultivate this mushroom by using small-scale PF Tek and other “cake” approaches. Professionals on the other side use advanced processes that need a great investment, time, money, and awareness.

Do you want to grow golden teacher or gold cap mushrooms? Professional suppliers are providing a suitable grow kit for it that you can order online. They take the cake during growing conditions and can develop under environmental conditions and l produce a nice harvest.

This type of mushroom is not choosy about substrates and the possible substrates can be Old coffee grounds, straw, manure, grains, and wood, etc. They can grow even when the growth conditions are not suitable. This is the best opti0on for first-time growers.

All you just need is to have the right grow kit for Psilocybe Cubensis. For the best deal, you can visit

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