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The Best Quality HEPA Filter For Mushroom Growers

Look no further if you are looking for the best HEPA Filter for the mushroom cultivation process. Planet of Mushrooms is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly efficient HEPA filters that can be used in both enclosed box as well as in growing areas. We offer it at the best pricing range.

We deliver a high quality HEPA Filter that able to eliminate dust, airborne particles, and contaminants effectively to protect the air supply. You can access a comprehensive filtration system for Mushroom cultivation space. We have been serving this industry for many years that ensures you will receive superior customer service.

We have the best team to handle the customer support department that aims at delivering tailored service to meet the specific requirements for your mycology application. A safe and fast delivery process is guaranteed.


What is HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorber) filter?

Typically, this filtration system is the best solution for mycology filtration challenges. This filter class-H13 comes in a box, housing from the thin metal plate. HEPA filters contain a collection of thin filters inside them that helps to avoid smaller harmful particles from passing through the air. These filters are typically made up of minute glass fibres that will remove from the air 99.97% contamination.

HEPA filters are highly used by mushroom growers to make laminar flow hoods. They have the best filtration capacity to evade harmful contaminations such as dust, dirt, fungi, and bacteria and make the entire environment clean and fresh.

Usually, the mushroom spores and mushrooms themselves are highly vulnerable to infection during the growing period. This is important to take preventive steps to sterile the environment. Make sure that the growing area is clean and staffs are safe by eliminating the possible contaminants. This is where our efficient HEPA filters have the ability to make this possible and offer the highest standard of filtration.

When it comes to the installation of these HEPA filters, they are positioned at the front of the hood to filter the air and eliminate the airborne contaminants effectively. However, it is essential to attach a covering over the HEPA on the outside of the hood that would protect the filter. It ensures the longevity of a HEPA filter. We would say this is the must-have equipment in your myco lab and your cultures love this filter.

Contact us today to get the best HEPA filter at an affordable price. As a reliable and professional supplier, we are committed to accommodating you with all of your air filtration requirements.

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