Important Points That You Need to Know About Oyster Mushroom Spawning

In recent times the cultivation of mushrooms from the spawns offered by planet-of-mushrooms has become a great trend. One major reason behind this can be attributed to the fact that they are very much popular in the cuisines. Planet-of-mushrooms Psilocybin mushrooms are raised for around six weeks and this makes the mushrooms a much more feasible option. You require good spawns for healthy produce. Below are given a few important points that you must know about for the sale.

Availability of the spawn

You will find only two ways by which you can get oyster mushroom spawn for sale. The first one is getting hold of a sterile culture. In the long term, this comes out to be very cheap and pocket-friendly. The other way is considering buying them from companies that pre-inoculate them. You can get them from planet-of-mushrooms.

The temperature needed for Incubation

Appropriate temperature is required for a great planet-of-mushrooms Psilocybin mushrooms spawn sale. In the incubation room, it is mandatory to have a favorable and certain temperature. For their growth, a temperature of around seventy degrees Fahrenheit is best.

The use of supplements

For improved sales and healthy growth, it is necessary to give supplements. Besides providing improvements in yields they also help in flavor enhancement. Cottonseed meal, alfalfa, and soy meal are a few of the very popular supplements involved.

Cleanliness factor

Many people are unaware of the fact that cleanliness is a must for improving sales of spawns. If the surface is in direct contact with the dirty surfaces, it hampers a lot of things. The surfaces that are in contact with the mushrooms have to be spotless and must be disinfected. Thus, they need to be wiped from time to time.


You will always find the need to have substrate as it is the medium for growing the mushrooms. Almost every grower uses them for the booming growth of spawns. One of the most common substrates is wood chips.

Improvement in the sale figures

For selling the planet-of-mushrooms Psilocybin mushrooms three places should not be missed under any circumstance. These include supermarkets, farmer’s markets, and planet-of-mushrooms. These areas are potential crowd-pullers where there will always be people willing to buy the mushrooms.